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couple laughs in the mountains as the sun sets behind them


Shenandoah National Park Photos – Engagement Session

February 16, 2022

O + J are avid outdoor lovers and hikers! So it made sense that we decided to take their engagement photos in Shenandoah National Park! I sent them a list of some of my favorite overlooks, so we didn’t have to worry about hiking to a summit and racing the sunset. We landed on one of my new favorite overlooks, and I think you can see why from their photos! Shenandoah National Park really showed off for us this evening. The sunset in their photos made them look absolutely ethereal.

photo of a couple almost kissing in shenandoah national park in front of a golden sunset

If you’re thinking about taking couples photos/engagement photos in Shenandoah National Park here are some things to keep in mind when preparing for your session:

  • It’s going to be a little chillier and windier in the mountains! So, dress accordingly. It was summertime during O+J’s session. But, by the time the sun started to set we were all wishing we had an extra layer!
  • Popular overlooks tend to be crowded! Luckily, we only had one other person about 75 feet away from us as they recorded the sunset. But, I’ve been to my fair share of spots that have upwards of 50 people at it! Consider this when picking out your location and when reading about popular photo spots on blogs.
  • Since this is a National Park there’s an entrance fee! It is $30 per car for a single use entrance. But, if you live nearby and could see yourself coming back… an annual pass is only $55! I always recommend the annual pass! You get to take in more of our beautiful park, and it pays for itself in just 2 trips 🙂
  • That dreamy golden light doesn’t come early. The sunset happens a little later because you’re literally on the top of a mountain. If you want golden hour photos be ready to stay up late, or wake up really early! If you’re thinking summertime for your engagement photos – be ready to be up there until 8:30-9:00pm (but oh man is it worth it)!

The cotton candy light and blue hour you’re about to see will make you want to RUN to get your own Shenandoah National Park photos!! And if you want them to look similar you can reach me here 😉

Thanks so much for reading about engagement sessions and Shenandoah National Park photos!! If you’re interested in working together you can reach me here:

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