I’m Eilish!

(like eye-lish)

It's funny to me that I ended up a wedding photographer because I never understood how weddings evolved into what we see today. As I grow in my career, I fall more in love with weddings for the human connection. Wedding days are full of emotions: joy, love, excitement, anticipation. And I believe it is all worthy of being documented. 

Wedding days are fast-paced and full of fleeting moments. My favorite part of being a photographer is know that I helped capture these moments, preserving them for years and generations to come. I gift you a neatly packaged time capsule to look back on remembering the weight of your partner's hand in yours, the smell of the air when you walked outside, and the warm embrace of your loved ones. 

I know you've got a ton of options when it comes to photographers...

So, how am I different?

I act as an observer on wedding days to create images that are unique to each client. No two weddings ever unfold the same, and I find so much beauty in the individuality of each event I document. My priority is preserving your experience without distraction. Resulting in photos that are so full of life and uniquely yours that you have a sensory experience when looking back at them. In 20 years remembering your first look and feeling the warmth of the sun, hearing the birds chirp during your vows, and the beat thumping in your chest as you dance the night away.

I wear my heart on my sleeves, which makes me emotionally invested in your love story. Whoever you love, whatever your love looks like, I'm here to celebrate you in the most true-to-you way. If you're kind and compassionate humans who aren't afraid to party the night away I'd be honored to photograph your wedding day.






When I'm not capturing love stories you can find me...

  • In the gym
  • At a concert 
  • Snowboarding in the winter, or falling in the skatepark during the summer
  • Re-watching Community on Netflix
  • Sipping on a beer at happy hour 
  • Jamming out to whatever record calls my name that day
  • Hanging out with my cats
  • Searching for the latest addition to my ever-growing eclectic pants collection


For folks that are wanting the best party of their life captured. Like your personal paparazzi, I'll delivery you high energy, high quality photos from the getting ready, to the I dos, to the rockin' dancefloor, and everything in between.

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Lifestyle Portraits

Portraits that reflect you and your loved one(s) as you are. Nothing staged here. Perfect for both engagement photos + couples, and even family portraits. Documenting you as you are in this season of life. Whether that's date night on the town, making cookies at home, out to the arcade, or a playdate at the park. 

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Perfect for any small business owners wanting to elevate their presence. Show your clients who you are in imagery that reflects the person behind the biz. Great for gathering content for websites and social media, and for your not-so-average headshots.

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featured blog post

Neurodivergent-Friendly Wedding Planning Tips

This blog is a little bit different from my normal “look at these beautiful images”. After doing my own research, talking with some of my wedding couples, and reminiscing on my own wedding day I figured it would be good to throw out into the internet. It’s kinda sad that there are barely any resources out there for neurodivergent individuals planning a wedding. Wedding planning is hard enough, not very intuitive, expensive, and can be down right overwhelming.

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