Everyone's story is important. That's why I believe it is imperative to let clients know that I am here to photograph your love no matter what you look like or who you love. I'm here for the kind and compassionate humans and am honored to document your story.


I know you've got a ton of options when it comes to photographers...

You have different price points, different styles, different personalities, different levels of experience, and all the other stuff that makes every photographer different.

My biggest priorities on wedding days is to act as an observer. Regardless of how many weddings I've worked, no two days ever run quite the same. In a world that is so preoccupied in performance, I always ensure my clients that I am there for them. Your wedding day isn't the time to build a portfolio, make a TikTok, or focus on what shot will fit perfectly in whatever feed. I'm there to document tangible memories that last for years. Long past the shelf life of the cake, after the flowers wilt, and you've swept away the last bits of confetti.

I want my couples to always think back on their wedding day and remember the good stuff - how they hugged their friends at cocktail hour, how great their dress or suit looked, how the sun naturally kissed their hair as they laughed and cried. When I simply let my couples experience their day in an organic way, their memories remain their own. This allows me to wholeheartedly serve my clients in a way that aligns with my core beliefs: creating imagery that looks like your partner makes you feel, and documenting fleeting moments for years and years - whether that be with grandchildren or 'til you're old and wrinkly.

I’m Eilish!

(like eye-lish)

I'm a Charlottesville, Virginia wedding photographer. Which is funny, because I still don't quite understand how or why weddings have evolved into what they are today. What I do know, though, while to some this may not be the most important day of your life... it's still a day full of fun and emotion and love that is worthy of being documented.

Moments are fleeting, and I think my favorite part of being a photographer is capturing them and preserving them for you to have for years and years. A pretty little time capsule to look back on and remember the weight of your partner's hand in yours, the smell of the air when you walked outside, and the warm embrace of your loved ones. 

I want to document your story in a way that feels authentic to you, so you can see the emotion deeply engrained in your images. In a way that makes you and future generations time travelers back to those precious moments and capable of reliving every feeling exactly how it happened.

Fun facts about Eilish

I definitely NEVER thought I would be the person to play a sport in college. But, one thing lead to another... and one of my best friends and I revived the Radford Women's Rugby team! I played as a Hooker and Center for a year before graduating.


I love concerts so much that I went to my first one when I was 3 years old! My dad brought me and my sister to see KISS (my mom was NOT happy) and I became a huge classic rock fan after that! These days indie rock, pop punk, emo, and folk is a little more my speed, but I will absolutely still sing along to 70's and 80's hits.


If you couldn't guess from my name my family is pretty Irish. So, when I was around 4, I decided to embrace our heritage! I was a traditional Irish step dancer for 13 years, up until I turned 17. (all of my embarrassing photos have been lost, I apologize in advance)


This means I definitely love to work, but I will also definitely cry at your wedding :)


When I'm not capturing love stories you can find me...

  • In the gym (I love weight training!)
  • At a concert 
  • Camping (I was a camp counselor, and assistant program director at a nearby summer camp for 5 years!)
  • Re-watching Community on Netflix
  • Sipping on a beer at happy hour 
  • Dancing around my apartment to whatever record calls my name that day
  • Cooking dinner with my husband
  • Searching for the latest addition to my ever-growing eclectic pants collection

Meet My Team

Joel, Husband + Occasional ASSISTAnt

He is my human family. Also known as my husband, best friend, muse, #1 fan, and support system. He is my favorite person to take photos of and I am the luckiest gal around to get to spend my life with him!

Peter, Editing Buddy

Growing up I always had pets. So, when I went away to college it felt so strange not having a little fur friend of my own. I ended up adopting Peter when I was a senior and we've been bff's ever since. He was big when I got him, but after lots of love (and maybe one too many treats) we discovered that he is part maine coone! And we love allllll 20 pounds of him.

Big Boss, Editing Buddy

I named Peter, Joel named Big Boss... ya can't win them all. Apparently Big Boss is the name of a video game character with one eye? Anyways, she is our precious, one-eyed, cross-eyed, runt-of-the-litter, kitten. Joel and I adopted her during Spring of 2020 and love being lazy while she watches Netflix with us.

Weddings + Elopements

For folks that are less worried about the posed and artificial moments of a wedding day. I'll stand along the sidelines taking photos of the fleeting moments. Whether your celebrating with just you and your partner, or with 150 of your closest friends and family I'm happy to tag along.

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Lifestyle + Branding

For the intimate moments in the day-to-day. Whether that's cozied up at home, baking cookies with the family, playing at the playground, celebrating a graduation with senior portraits, or working on your small business and leveling up your online presence with new branding images. The world is your oyster and I'm here to help.

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You don't have to be getting married to have awesome photos! This is for partners, just dating, married, engaged, anniversary... you get the point. Anyone that's in love (or maybe even falling in it) - I want to help capture that story. 

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featured blog post

Neurodivergent-Friendly Wedding Planning Tips

This blog is a little bit different from my normal “look at these beautiful images”. After doing my own research, talking with some of my wedding couples, and reminiscing on my own wedding day I figured it would be good to throw out into the internet. It’s kinda sad that there are barely any resources out there for neurodivergent individuals planning a wedding. Wedding planning is hard enough, not very intuitive, expensive, and can be down right overwhelming.

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