HOORAY! If you've made it to this page... that means you think we'd make a pretty good match. I'm excited to hear from you and get the ball rolling! Let me know some specifics using this contact form. I will get back to you as soon as I can!


Frequently Asked Questions

When will we get our photos?

You can expect your photos back within 4 weeks for most sessions. For weddings + elopements my turnaround time is 8 weeks.

Do you deliver the RAW photos?

No. I go through every image of our time together and hand select and edit the best images. Anything other than that is not an accurate representation of my work, and not a reflection of the quality you hired me for.

How many pictures will we receive?

I don't like to put a limit on creativity. I will never withhold images from you because it doesn't fit into an estimate. Generally, I can quote around 50 images/hour we spend together. However, days flow differently depending on what's happening. Some stories take less photos to document the day, while others require more. I always deliver every image I think is beautiful and holds a beautiful memory. 

What is working with you like?

I try to make every session unique to the person I am taking photos of. We will talk and catch up as if we're old friends. I'll give you as much or as little direction as you need. I want you to look your best, so if you need the advice I am happy to offer it up! But, I love catching the in between moments and the genuine reactions and emotions you're feeling. So as you tell me a story or a funny joke I will probably be snapping away. And yes, I will tell you what to do with your hands.

What's your travel policy?

If you think I'm your girl, then I will find a way to take your pictures! Depending on where you are located will depend on the travel fee to go along.

I've never had professional photos taken before. Can you help me prep?

Of course! Almost every couple I meet starts off with the same phrase: "We are SO awkward in front of the camera" or "We've never done this before". Honestly no one is really awkward, and I promise you are probably more stressed than you need to be. I'm happy to help you prep for your session through outfit advice in my style guides and offering up location suggestions that I think would meet your needs!

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