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9 Amazing Places to Elope in Virginia

November 1, 2023

Elopements can be an amazing way to start the next chapter of your life with your partner in a very intimate and meaningful way. One of the things I love about being a Virginia wedding photographer is that there are so many amazing places to elope in Virginia. 

Now, there are so many beautiful outdoor areas throughout the state, from the ocean to the mountains and more. However, not everyone is going to want to hike up a mountain or spend all day outside on their wedding day, and that is perfectly valid. 

As much as we all love getting out into nature and taking in the beautiful scenery, doing this on your wedding day is not at the top of a lot of people’s lists. 

The great thing about Virginia is that there are some amazing elopement venues that have amazing luxurious and industrial vibes to them that are perfect for those couples who want a bit more of a relaxed wedding day without having to hike through the mud. 

Let’s jump into a few of my top picks for the best places to elope in Virginia. 

Top Places to Elope in Virginia 

The Joshua Wilton House – Harrisonburg, VA

The Joshua Wilton House is a Victorian style home constructed back in the 1880s. This beautiful inn not only has some amazing food, but it is also a great place for an elopement.

Although it still holds a lot of the charm and architecture of the original house, it has been renovated and transformed into the perfect luxury location for a wedding. There are a few different venues throughout the property, both indoor and outdoor, that you can choose for your wedding. 

Plus, since it is an inn, you can also book a room and have a little getaway or start your honeymoon early with your new spouse. Overall, if you are looking for a more upscale, European-style manor for your wedding, the Joshua Wilton House is the perfect choice!

The Wool Factory – Charlottesville, VA

 If you know anything about me, you know that I love The Wool Factory. This mill turned wedding venue has such a unique vibe to it and has so many amazing options for your wedding day.  

While they can accommodate larger weddings, they also have venues throughout the property that are much smaller and more intimate, making them perfect for an elopement. 

The Broadcloth Restaurant is one of these spots. It has a really moody and industrial feel to it and is the perfect size for an elopement with just a few people! 

Oakhurst Inn – Charlottesville, VA

The Oakhurst Inn is a boutique hotel right in Charlottesville, Virginia. The inn is a beautiful and peaceful place that almost feels like an escape from the surrounding area. 

Similar to the Joshua Wilton House, you’ll find over 30 guest rooms here so you can turn your elopement day into a whole weekend. Plus you can book rooms and get ready right on the property to make your wedding day less stressful. 

They have four spaces throughout the venue that you can choose from for your elopement, including the beautiful courtyard around their pool. For a small elopement right in Charlottesville, this is an amazing option! 

The Local Restaurant – Charlottesville, VA

One of the best aspects of opting for an elopement over a larger wedding is that you have a lot more flexibility when it comes to where you can actually get married. Having a small ceremony means that you can go to places like The Local Restaurant in Charlottesville. 

There are four different areas you can rent out at the restaurant – The Wine Room, The Hearth Room, The Blue Ridge Pavilion, and The Skyline Room – with The Wine Room being the smallest. 

They also have an amazing selection of food that you can pick for a reception after if you do want to have a small dinner with any friends or family after your elopement! 

Stone Tower Winery – Leesburg, VA

Always dreamed of having a destination elopement but don’t want to leave the country? Stone Tower Winery is your spot. This vineyard is absolutely beautiful and creates the perfect backdrop for your ceremony making you feel as though you’ve been transported to Tuscany.

They have packages for both intimate elopements (with just you and your partner) or small micro-weddings (with up to 25 guests). If you want a venue that showcases the beauty of nature without having to hike up the mountains, this is one of the best places to elope in Virginia. 

Catoctin Creek – Purcellville, VA

As the first distillery in the county since Prohibition (legal distillery that is), Catoctin Creek offers a beautiful, industrial yet upscale venue for your elopement. The distillery has a bit of a 1920s vibe to it and the team there will work with you to create your dream elopement. 

After you say I do, you can sit down to a nice meal with the people closest to you and celebrate the start of your new life together while sipping on some delicious cocktails crafted from their very own liquor. 

While the atmosphere gives off 20s vibes, the amenities here are anything but dated and create the perfect place for a more industrial elopement. 

Common House – Richmond or Charlottesville, VA

The Common House has two different locations, one in Richmond and one in Charlottesville, and both of them are amazing places to elope in Virginia. 

Starting with the Charlottesville location, you have three amazing spots to choose from within the venue. For smaller elopements, The Library is a great option, or you can head up to the third-floor terrace for a wedding with a view of the city. 

In Richmond, you have a few more options for where to have your ceremony but a couple of great options are the Courtyard, The Madison Wing, and The Rooftop. 

You can’t go wrong with any of the locations within these venues and the Common House in general has such a unique vibe to it that makes your wedding feel one-of-a-kind! 

Commune – Norfolk or Virginia Beach, VA

Just like the Common House, Commune has two different locations in Virginia – in Norfolk and Virginia Beach – that are both beautiful and unique. 

The Virginia Beach location is a bit smaller and can only accommodate up to 35 guests which makes it perfect for an elopement or micro-wedding. You are also right next to the beach and in the ViBe Arts District so there is a great atmosphere here. 

The Norfold location is in the NEON Arts District and is a bit bigger, but is still a great place for a more intimate wedding. There are beautiful, exposed bricks along the wall and industrial touches throughout that give it an amazing vibe. 

Whichever location you choose, you are sure to get an amazing ceremony and the teams at Commune are there to make sure you have the wedding of your dreams. 

An AirBnB or VRBO 

Finally, if you are looking for a totally private ceremony or a specific vibe for your wedding, try looking at AirBnb, VRBO, or other rental properties around the city. 

This can give you the opportunity to have a totally unique wedding ceremony while also keeping it very intimate with just those closest to you. Plus, you can stay in the home and order in your favorite meals for your “reception” or head out to a local restaurant to celebrate your new marriage. 

Please keep in mind, though, that some hosts will have rules against having guests or additional people in the rental property during your stay. A good rule of thumb is to reach out to the host before you book the property and explain what you want to do and how many people will be there for the elopement. 

This way, you avoid running into any issues on your actual wedding day and can have the stress-free and intimate ceremony you have always dreamed of! 

Final Thoughts on Where to Elope in Virginia

Hopefully, these venues help you narrow down and pick the perfect venue for your elopement. With so many amazing places to elope in Virginia, you are sure to find the perfect venue, even if you don’t want to hike up a mountain to say “I do.” 

Now that you have some ideas for venues, all you need is the perfect photographer to capture your elopement. Click here to learn more about my wedding photography services or here to get in touch and talk about how we can help capture this special moment for you and your partner! 

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