Sweet Couples Session in Charlottesville Virginia


I am SO excited for this blog. Ginny had reached out to me about wanting to do some special photos for her and her boyfriend, Anthony. We started talking and she suggested this location and I was PUMPED. This reservoir is literally steps away from the summer camp I have worked at for the last 4 years, and I have no idea why it never crossed my mind to use it as the perfect photo location. Once the time for the shoot finally rolled around we met up in the parking lot and they told me the same thing that every couple tells me: “We are really awkward in front of the camera, so I’m a little nervous”. Lemme tell ya what, these two were ANYTHING but awkward… I have the pics to prove it. They were so sweet and down for whatever pose or idea I threw their way. Anthony definitely kept me on my toes and laughing the entire time. So much so, that I was laughing even after our shoot ended and I got to see some of the very goofy faces he snuck in for when I was editing later on.

Ginny + Anthony,

Thank you SO much for being incredible humans and letting me take these photos. I had so much fun with you all and truly am grateful to have met some really awesome local peeps. I do have a confession to make though… I 100% thought Anthony was going to propose at one point during our session. He suggested a pose that typically is used for surprise proposals and I was TERRFIED. Turns out he just wanted to get some laughs out of everyone. Every time I see that picture (the one where he is LEAPING into the air behind you, Ginny) I both laugh and exhale a sigh of relief that I didn’t ruin some master plan. You all are such a sweet and caring couple and it really shows in your images. It was so incredible to watch you all laugh and be yourselves unapologetically around each other, and I think that’s a huge sign that your relationship is beautiful and will stand the test of time. I wish I could just post your whole session because each photo is so YOU! However, I did my best to narrow down some of my favorites. If you ever need anything you know where to find me!! 🙂

All the love,


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