Sassy Friends Birthday Photoshoot in Charlottesville Virginia



Carole got in contact with me about wanting to do something special to celebrate her birthday as well as to capture her awesome group of friends. I was SO excited about this! She is such a sweet soul and has an amazing, supportive, and beautiful group of ladies. They were so much fun to take photos of and were naturals in front of the camera!

As I’ve said already, Carole is so sweet. She is drop-dead gorgeous, a wonderful mom, and an amazing friend. She had just gotten her hair and makeup done and was a little worried, but OH MY GOD, dude… blonde is her COLOR. And that eyeshadow? I’ve also never seen anyone navigate through mud in heels that high as well as she did. It’s a talent… I’m convinced.

At first we were a little bit worried because it had been raining in Charlottesville all day, and our original plan of taking photos at a vineyard was derailed. But, I am so excited with how these pictures turned out! The overcast made for the perfect lighting in pictures, and I am loving the vibes we got from the park overlooking the river.

Thank you all so much for trusting me to take these photos; and put you in weird poses and make you laugh super awkwardly (I told you it would pay off!). I hope you guys had the best evening celebrating because you deserve it!!

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