Intimate Wedding at The Draper Mercantile in Draper, VA


When I first walked into the Draper Mercantile and met Steven he already had a smile on his face and told me how thankful and excited he was that I was there to capture their day. Apparently, Rikki was ruthless in her search for a wedding photographer, and he was so excited that she found someone who’s images she loved. The wedding hadn’t even started yet and I was almost in tears because of how kind these two are. Their night was so unapologetically them and every bit had me smiling from ear to ear, laughing, or crying right along with everyone else. They were so thoughtful in every detail of this wedding, down to bringing photos for their portraits of loved ones who have passed that they wanted to share their special day with. I can truthfully say I never knew that I wanted to see someone sing “Baby Got Back” to their new wife during their reception, but that is crossed off my wedding photographer bucket list for sure. We ended the night unlike anything I’ve done before. Rikki and Steven re-visit the park they had their very first date at. It’s become tradition to go back every anniversary and take a selfie together. This anniversary, I was there to help them out!


I can’t thank you enough for letting me capture your day. You are some of the kindest, most thoughtful humans I have ever had the pleasure of meeting (Even if Steven definitely wrote me a ticket during my time at college). One of the biggest moments you were looking forward to was the moment that Rikki walked down the aisle, and I can confidently say that EVERYONE was either smiling or crying (myself included). From the beginning I knew you all would be fun, but when you walked into your ceremony to Aerosmith… that solidified it was going to be a wedding for the books!

All the love,


If you loved this Draper Mercantile wedding and want to get in touch you can reach me here! 🙂 Laid back weddings like this are my jam and I love getting to meet incredible folks and capture their stories.

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