Intimate Surprise Proposal in Charlottesville Virginia



Oh man I am SO excited about this blog, this session, and these lovebirds. Sam contacted me and said he was planning to propose to his (then) girlfriend, Maddie. Apparently, this has been a long time coming and he wanted to document the moment. I immediately said “heck yes” and was SO PUMPED. We met up at the spot he was planning to propose at about a week early to scope it out. They have a special picnic spot in Charlottesville that has some really incredible views! Luckily for me it had just enough foliage that I would be able to hide out and sneakily take pictures without Maddie knowing. We made a game plan and as soon as I knew it Sunday was there and Sam was going to pop the question! They didn’t see me so I was able to get Maddie’s true reaction and it was so priceless. Moments like that are truly what makes my job the best in the world.

Sam + Maddie,

Thank you so much for trusting me to capture this incredible moment. It honestly felt like I was able to catch up with old friends and document one of the biggest moments as you begin your life together. You have such a beautiful love and your smiles are contagious. I truly can’t remember the last time I had that much fun getting to know a couple and capturing their love. Totally worth hiking into the woods with a stranger! In all seriousness, I wish the absolute best for you two. I know our interaction was brief, but in that short amount of time it was obvious how much you two care for each other.


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