Intimate Couples Photos in Lynchburg Virginia



When I met Runicia and Mercy last Saturday for our session I instantly knew it was going to be a good time. They had brought their 3 dogs (Tracer, Mocha, and Gin) and Mercy’s mom. She was a lifesaver once we ventured off on our own for their more intimate couples portraits. They were both so sweet and willing to have so much fun. I loved getting to hear all about their love.

One of the first things I ask couples when I meet them for the first time is the story of their proposal. Laughter quickly followed this question as they told me of the time that Runicia proposed with a bread twist-tie. It was so sweet and so perfect for them. They are filled with so much joy and it is so obvious that they love and care about each other with their whole hearts.

I love giving my couple’s prompts to go along with the poses I put them in. It really helps draw out the emotion when they’re telling me a real story and get those deep belly laughs. Plus they were so much fun. I was laughing so hard with them the whole evening. I truly couldn’t have asked for a more fun couple to spend my Saturday with!

Runicia + Mercy,

thank you so much for trusting me to take these photos and tell your love story. You guys are so much fun to be with and I loved learning all about sketchy dating apps, your adventures together, and your unique story. Your love for one another radiates off of you. It was so evident when editing photos and catching the sweet looks you gave to one another, when you interact and make the silliest jokes, and the way you talk about the other person. Cheers to being an amazing couple and many years of sushi.



(this blog post has a special end because it’s going to feature not only my favorite black and white pics, but also all of the hilarious goofy moments courtesy of Mercy desperately needing coffee… enjoy!)

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