Dreamy Engagement Session on the Blue Ridge Parkway


When Candice initially reached out to me about her engagement session I could tell that this was going to be a good one. She was so enthusiastic despite never having professional couple photos done before (still find that a little sus based on how well she and Travis rocked this session). We initially decided that we were going to take their photos at the D.C. arboretum… until we decided the photography fee was a bit high. We went back and forth on a couple different places and I suggested Raven’s Roost in there somewhere. It was a bit in the shot of the dark because that would mean that Candice, Travis, and their 2 year-old dog Olive, would have a 6 hour round trip day. After thinking it over for a while they told me that they just couldn’t get this location out of their heads and it’s where they wanted their photos done! The day of their session Joel and I were driving up the Blue Ridge Parkway and I just new this session was going to be incredible. Between the gorgeous views, it still being early in the season and not too crowded, Candice’s dress, and the sunset… I think Candice and Travis just may have convinced me that there’s better places to take photos than urban/downtown spots!

Candice + Travis,

Thank you all SO much for trusting me to take these photos! You’ve already been through so much together and take it all in stride with a smile on your face. We talked a bit about how you guys are best friends and that really resonates with me. In my opinion the strongest relationships are the ones where you are able to go to your partner with anything and everything, but also be goofy and best friends at the same time. You guys have that once in a lifetime love and I feel so lucky to have been able to capture that. I wish you weren’t getting married all the way in Illinois so I could come crash your wedding!

All the love,


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