Creative Portraits at Common House Charlottesville



Thursday morning I had the pleasure of meeting Gentry to take her headshots. She sent a message into a Facebook group for local creatives saying she wanted some unique and creative headshots and I was on that post SO fast. I just hoped she would like my work and we could get together and create something awesome. (spoiler alert: she did want me to take them and we DID make something awesome)

After we ironed out all the details Gentry told me she really wanted her headshots at the Common House in downtown Charlottesville and sent me a mood board of her vision for the photos. When I tell you I made an audible noise out of excitement when I looked at her mood board… I am not kidding. It was so fun. All of the aesthetics she had included were exactly my jam. Plus, I got a chance to shoot in a beautiful and eclectic new location! I had never been to Common House before, but I was so intrigued. Every room was so different and beautiful in it’s own way.

Gentry is such an incredible human. She and her little family just recently made the trek across the country from Texas. It was really nice talking to someone who felt the same struggles as myself. I graduated college in May, but found myself living in Charlottesville a lot sooner than I had anticipated because of COVID. It’s been a really hard and strange transition moving to a new city as a creative with no connections, and it was nice to talk to someone with a similar experience. While she isn’t a photographer, Gentry is a videographer and journalist, and she does incredible work (Gentry, if you’re reading this I totally creeped on you and watched some of your films). It’s truly beautiful and I highly recommend you check her out:

I have a huge soft spot for film and cinematography and my eyes lit up listening to her stories of her work and all of her travels. I feel so incredibly lucky to have gotten the chance to work with such an incredible woman. The ideas she had for this shoot were all so amazing. I had been feeling a little in a creative rut lately, and these photos brought me straight out of it. As I come to the end of another post, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Gentry. For trusting me to take these photos, sharing your stories with me, being so kind, and being an inspirational woman I’m able to look up to.

*obligatory end of blog post black and white pictures*

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