Breathtaking Sunset Engagement Session at High Knob Tower, West Virginia


I have been SO excited for this session since Annabelle, Mark, and I decided on this location for their engagement photos. These JMU alums are getting married outside of Harrisonburg next year and it just made sense that we took their photos at the top of such a gorgeous hike right down the road. I definitely learned a thing or two during this session, though. Here’s my biggest takeaways:

1) Even when you leave 30 minutes early… it still isn’t early enough. My GPS took me about 10 miles past the trail head and I learned the hard way that apple maps just isn’t reliable.

2) I really need to work on my cardio. Going off of the point above, I realized I was going to be a little late to our session. Normally, that isn’t the end of the world (not something I ever enjoy, but still workable). However, I had a 1 mile hike straight up to try and make sure we caught the last bit of sun. Ya girl ~tried~ running up and that lasted for about .75 miles before I had to walk the rest of the way up.

3) Whatever is meant to happen is gonna happen! Honestly I’m not upset that our session ended up getting pushed back. We had one of the most beautiful and colorful sunsets I’ve seen in a long time. Had everything run the way it was supposed to, then we would’ve missed out on the gorgeous cotton candy sky!

Annabelle + Mark,

I can’t say it enough; You two are genuinely some of the sweetest humans I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Your flexibility, patience, and kindness was unreal. I know you said that you think you’re awkward, but I truly beg to differ. You guys did amazing in our cramped session and your love for each other really shines through in your photos. Mark the way you look at Annabelle even when the camera isn’t going off is so sweet. It’s the kind of look full of admiration, respect, and awe -and the kind of look that most folks want out of a future spouse. I know our session was brief, but I am SO stoked for your wedding day next year. It is going to be truly amazing!!

All the love,


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