Adorable Birthday Photos in Charlottesville Virginia



If you find yourself looking through these photos and see a familiar face, that’s because this shoot was for Carole’s daughter! We had previously worked together for Carole’s birthday photos and we had so much fun together that she decided to start the sweetest new tradition for her daughters. She plan to do a special birthday shoot for them every year so they can each have their own books to one day watch themselves grow up. We started off this tradition with Luna for her 4th birthday. This girl was born to be in front of the camera. She is so beautiful and had the sweetest smile despite it being VERY cold (thankfully I had brought along a few blankets). We had a blast taking pictures at Pen Park and I am so excited with how these photos turned out.

Carole (+ Luna),

You are such a sweet and thoughtful mom. You have an absolutely beautiful family and your girls are so sweet. I am so excited I was able to meet them and help celebrate Luna’s birthday! Thank you for being so kind and thoughtful to your girls, and to everyone who is lucky enough to come into your life. Happy belated birthday to you both! And I can’t wait for Nova’s turn 🙂


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